MARFRIG GLOBAL FOODS S.A.| Marfrig provide the best protein globally through the long-term relationship with our consumers, creating high quality and safe products motivated to offer the best to our customers.
Marfrig wants to be recognized as the best global protein company.
Grow with our customers, suppliers, partners through innovative products and operate in the best markets.
Provide the company’s development and create shareholder value.
Maintain a team of motivated employees, committed to serving the entire production chain with operational excellence, in a sustainable manner.
Respect the society in which we operate

MARFRIG GLOBAL FOODS S.A. is fully committed to our internal and external customers and embrace their priorities as ours. We put all our attention and passion into what we do when serving our customers at all stages of the production chain. We act with integrity and do what is right in relation to our products and procedures.

We work with clarity, objectivity and simplicity in decision making, seeking to facilitate all our processes. The idea of ​​’less is more’ permeates everything we do.

We don’t hide our problems. Our behaviors and behaviors aim at learning from mistakes, so as not to make them again. We motivate dialogues with our stakeholders, which helps us to build trust, in addition to improving ourselves as professionals and people.

We treat everyone as we would like to be treated. We are guided by our ethical principles and constantly motivated to develop our relationships.

MARFRIG GLOBAL FOODS S.A. constantly encourage innovative solutions and strive for excellence in our activities. We develop these capabilities throughout the organization, seeking the loyalty of our internal and external customers.

MARFRIG is attentive to the context of the market in which we live and adapt to it. We work with passion in our tasks and we know how to recover in the face of adversity, with resilience. We have the feeling of owners, taking care of our processes, productivity and resources. We are attentive to get ahead of the demands, problems and opportunities