Marfrig is the global leader in hamburgers production and the second largest beef protein company on the planet.

The company is specialized in production and sale of high value-added products – industrialized and plant-based products. It also sells other products for consumption such as frozen vegetables, fish, sheep, among others.

There are more than 32,000 employees producing products that reach the tables of families in over 100 countries.

We are the best positioned company in ESG global rankings.

Integrity is one to key values that guide our business at Marfrig. With conviction that ethics and transparency in our relationships are fundamental, our company strengthens consistently our Compliance practices, guiding and giving good behavior orientation, best in class business conduct examples and sharing our policies with our employees and all the other publics we have relationship with, as our suppliers.

The company has a commitment to improve consistently all the actions related to Compliance, efforts that are concentrated in our Compliance Program, which has celebrated 5 years of existence in 2020. Since its creation, we have been evolving in this front consistently, ensuring a culture of respect and to value ethic behavior.